Sunday, January 10, 2010

Coco Before Chanel

As someone who's not all that fashion forward, I was a bit skeptical to see this film about fashion; however, this film focused on Coco's life before she became her empire. I also have learned, of all the designers in this world, Coco is for sure my go-to gal.

The film is subtitled, so if you're not into reading and don't understand French, you probably would want to skip this.

Audrey Tatou, from Di Vinci Code, plays Coco from her young days of a seamstress to becoming a designer. She lives to stand out amongst the rest of the ladies as she rocks menswear as often as possible. Coco juggles the life of the rich and spoiled as she seeks companionship with two different men. It was hard for me to believe the whole showing up at someone's mansion and living there, but once Coco developed feelings and relationships with these people, it was a bit more believable.

Of all the outfits in this film, the only ones I want are the pajamas. Some things never change.

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