Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Youth in Revolt- don't judge a book by its cover

Youth in Revolt has more to it than the previews lead on. Even though the same old Michael Cera humor was filling the screen, there was a twist(or should I say twisp) to it this time around. It reminded me when I heard him cuss for the first time on Michael and Clark, I couldn't believe that this profanity was coming out of his mouth, but it was hilarious to hear.

This movie tells a story of a young boy(Nick Twisp) in love. Nick will do just about anything to be near his sweetheart, even create a double ego Francois. After a domino effect of events, Nick/Francois finds himself as an outlaw by society and on the run from the feds.

This cast is filled with unexpected greats that will leave you trying to figure out exactly what was said in the last line.

I'd saw rent this flick and see it with a good crowd that likes quirky movies, otherwise it could be ruined quickly.

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