Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

2010 is surely going to be Robert Downey's year. With this film and the release of Iron Man 2 this summer, the man is unstoppable.

What I love most about Sherlock Holmes is the camera techniques and filming styles Guy Ritchie used. While Ritchie's films have tend to be in the independent realm and limited to special theatres, I was a bit nervous seeing him take on a major blockbuster film as he would lose his techniques from his previous movies. However, this was not the case. I greatly enjoyed Holmes (Downey) thinking out loud during a slow-motion segment detailing what he was about to do. Ritchie incorporated his style of indies into this studio-budget film flawlessly.

Jude Law's and Rachel McAdams's characters didn't really do it for me in this film. Thankfully, Downey carried the story beautifully. Really enjoyed Eddie Marsan's portrayal of Inspector Lestrade and his interactions with Downey.

Definitely worth seeing this on the big screen to truly appreciate the film work of Ritchie.

Also, I could have sworn it was Andy Garcia playing Lord Blackwell in this film. But alas, it is not, just Mark Strong channeling an Andy Garcia.

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